Comparable Sales Data

What Are Comparable Sales?

Comparable sales are those properties that have sold on the open market and that best match the characteristics of your property. The chart contains explanations for each item. Not all of the characteristics need to be filled out.

Some counties have online databases that can be accessed to collect this information.

Remember that, under the rules, you must submit any new evidence (like the chart) to us, the Board of Tax Appeals,  AND you must also provide a copy of that evidence to the other party: the county assessor.

Comparable Sales Data Worksheet

The  Comparable Sales Data Worksheet in Excel format (.xls) is designed to help organize your evidence by letting you list and compare the important characteristics of your property (Subject) with those of other properties (Sale 1, Sale 2, etc.) called comparable sales.

Download the Comparable Sales Data Worksheet (Excel .xls)

How to Submit your Worksheet

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  • Mail : Board of Tax Appeals, P.O. Box 40915, Olympia, WA 98504-0915
  • Fax : 360-586-9020

If you have any questions about this chart or its use, contact us by email or call our toll free number 1-866-788-5446.