Notice of Rulemaking

On July 6th, 2019, the Washington  State Board of Tax Appeals (WSBTA) published a Proposal Statement of Inquiry (CR 101) in the Washington State Register on a new rule to clarify what is considered part of the WSBTA’s official record.

The WSBTA intends to publish a Proposed Rule Making (CR 102) on October 21, 2019, which will set a date for a public meeting to discuss the proposed rule.

In addition, the WSBTA invites stakeholders to provide early written comments on the current draft of the proposed rule.  Please submit comments by September 16, 2019.  The WSBTA will consider these written comments and issue a revised draft with the CR 102 in October.

If you have questions on this process, please contact the agency’s rule coordinator, Keri Lamb at